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Change Page Size

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Changing Page Size in Visio

Issue: you create a beautiful drawing within the SI5.5 Visio interface and then realize that the page size is too large and you wish to change to a smaller size for printing .  In the shot below, that is a 24 x 36 page and I want to change it to 18 x 24 to save a tree.


Solution: Change the page size.  Each page in Visio is treated independently from each other so you must click the tab of the page you wish to modify and then select File->Page Setup…


Click the Page Size tab and change your settings.  In this example, I am changing the page size to be 18 x 24 and click [OK].


You will see something similar to the shot below where the shapes don’t fit on the page anymore.  When you change the page-size, the drawing scale does not automatically change:


To take care of the shapes that are on the page, select File->Page Setup…->Drawing Scale tab.  In this example, my drawing scale for this page was set to ½”=1′0″ and I changed it to 3/8″=1′0″:


My schematic layout now fits on the page but notice that the Title Frame did not reduce in size.  This is because the Title Frame shape is not actually on this page.  The page is instead linked to a background page (coincidentally named Background Title Page) that has the Title Frame shape on it.


All you have to do is click the “Background Title Page” tab and then change the page size for it to 18 x 24 just like what was done on the schematic page.  Once done, the frame will display properly on the schematic page (and other page you’ve changed to 18 x 24).



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