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Stencil Tree

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This Stencil Tree window displays all of the stock SI 5 Stencils and any Manufacturer Stencils you have downloaded.  If you do not see the Stencil Tree in your Visio interface, select D-Tools->View->Display Stencil Tree.



Terminology: Stencils are "containers" for Shapes.  Shapes are what is actually displayed on the Drawing Pages within Visio.

There are three “sections” in the Stencil tree: Standard, Manufacturer, and Custom. 


The Standard category lists the stock D-Tools Stencils based on Category.  These stencils contain Generic Shapes.  Generic Shapes have a one-to-many relationship with Products in the SI 5 database.


There are a few ways to view the Shapes within a stencil.  To view the Shapes by name, click the [+] next to the stencil name:


If you want to see icon representations of the Shapes, right-click the Stencil name and select “Display Docked Stencil” from the right-click menu.  This will open the Shapes window and display the Shapes.  Sometimes when you use the display docked stencil command you can not see the stencil, this usually happens with multiple displays.  The stencil is open but is "hidden" from view in a corner of one of the displays.  The current fix is to change the resolution of the displays until you can see the hidden stencil.  Drag back on to the drawing surface and you should be OK.


The Manufacturer section lists any D-Tools Manufacturer Stencils that you have downloaded.  These stencils contain specific Shapes created for the particular manufacturer.  Most of the Shapes in these stencils have a one-to-one relationship with Products in your SI 5 database. 


The Custom section lists the D-Tools stencils that don’t relate to a particular Category or Manufacturer.  These stencils will be discussed later in the “Drawing Page Types” section of this chapter.



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