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Schematic Page in Visio

The schematic page type is used to create the wiring diagrams for systems within a Project.  An example of a Schematic drawing page is below:


The shapes intended for use on this drawing page type list the inputs and outputs for the Product.


The Schematic shape will drop by default for all Categories except Speakers and Wire and Cable.  Speakers have a specific shape as shown above.  Products of the Category "Wire and Cable" will display the Finish Wire shape.   If you want to change the default shape that drops, see the Right-Click Options.

Schematic shapes size vertically automatically based on the number of inputs and outputs for a Product.  The selection handles can be used to size the shapes horizontally.  Each input and output listed has a connection point.


Wire and Cable shapes are used on this page to connect Products. The connections made with Wire and Cable shapes are recorded for reporting.  Example reports are the Brother Wire Labels and the Wire Connection reports.    See Brother Wire Labels.



The wire and cables shape that drops by default on a schematic page is the Finish Wire shape:


There is a connection point at each end of the wire and the text block displays the Component ID.  Right-clicking allows you to hide the text block:


The Finish W/Mod+ID  shape displays the Model and Component ID fields separated by an underscore:


To change a shape, see the Right-Click Options.

If a wire shape is connected to another shape on a Visio page, if you drag that product to another page the wire will automatically on the page as well.



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