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Find and Replace

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D-Tools->Find and Replace

This allows you to find any Products in your PDM and replace them with other Products from your Master Table database.

find and replace form.jpg


Use the tabs to filter to the Products(s) that you wish to replace.  Check the boxes next to the Product(s) and then click [Replace].  A similar form will open:


Use the tabs to find the “replacement” Product(s) and then click [OK].

The "Maintain Component ID(s)" option allows you to keep the Component ID the same for the replacement product.  See Component ID for more information.

There is also the option "Keep Accessories".  This allows you to change the "parent" product within a project but keep the accessories from the original product with the replaced product.  For example, if you were replacing an LCD within the project that has a tilt mount and cabling attached as accessories, you might want to keep the mount and cables from the original LCD and have them be associated to the new LCD.

Note: In the Visio and AutoCAD interfaces, there is also a "Maintain Shape(s)" and "Maintain Block(s)" option on this form. This allows you to keep the blocks on the existing sheets for replaced products.


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