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Project Tab



Many of the following fields are used in one or more standard SI 5 reports.  However, ALL of the following fields are available for use in custom or user modified standard reports.  See Report Designer for more details on report customization.

Project Number

Optional.  Alpha-numeric, 255 character limit.

Project Name

Required.  This will also be the Project file name


Optional.  Use this field to mark “milestones” in a Project’s lifecycle.  The dropdown menu here can be modified under Navigator Setup tab.

Start Date

Optional.  Use the dropdown calendar to select the start date for a Project

End Date

Optional.  Use the dropdown calendar to select the start date for a Project

Client Name – Required.  This field is used as the primary folder for storing project files. 

Contact section

Optional. The Contact is the name that will print on the standard Client reports.  The [Import] button will open a window that allows you to pick from your Outlook Contacts list.

lightbulb_50If you have a large number of Outlook Contacts the search time associated with the Import may be extensive.  Create a New Contacts folder in Outlook to use as your Project Contact Folder.  Before creating a new project in SI 5, copy the contact from your Outlook Contacts to the Project Contact folder in Outlook.  Use the [Folder] button on the Import Contact form to select the Project Contact Folder.

Site/Billing Address section

Optional.  These fields are used on reports.



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