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Right Click Options

Project Task Pane Right Click Options

You can also access these options by right-clicking anywhere in the Projects section of the Display Area.  There are some additional options on this right-click menu that are not available in the Task Pane:


Open in Visio->New Drawing

This will create a new Visio file for the Project.

Open in AutoCAD->New Drawing

This will create a new AutoCAD file for the Project.

Rename Project File

Use this function if wish to rename your project’s .dtl file.  This is not something that you would commonly do but you may wish to do this if you copy a project since the file name of a copy will retain the name of the original project file.  Do not ever manually rename any SI5.5 project files.

If you wish to rename one of your drawing files associated with a project, you can do this via the Selected Project Details tab by right-clicking the file:


Refresh Project

This will refresh the Project.  Use this function if you do not see the expected values for the project: Installed Price, Status, etc.

Force Undo Check Out

This is for Administrators of SI 5 that need to undo the check out of a project that was checked out by another user (see here for information on setting a user as Administrator).  This function will check a project in to the server without any of the changes that were made while it was checked out.  This would be used if a project was checked out to a machine that no longer exists (crashed, got stolen).  You will see the following prompt when you use this function:






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