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Step 7

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Step 7: Locations


This step is where you add the locations for a Project.  A location can and should be assigned to every Product that you add to a Project to identify where the Product is being installed.

The first Location that you can add must be related to your top level Location Type.  For example, if you have a Location Type hierarchy of Building->Floor->Room, you must first add a Building Location before you can add any Floor Locations.

To add a Location, click the File:Projects/Create_New_Project/image023.png button.  If you just click the button, a field will become available:


Any name that you type in this field will apply to the Project but will not be saved in the default Locations list.  See Location Types and Locations for details.

To add a Location name to the default list or to choose from existing saved Locations, click the arrow next to this button:


Only four Locations will list.  To get the complete list of your default Locations select “More Location Type Locations…”.  This will open a box where you can check multiple Locations at once:


Once you add at least one Location name for a Location Type, you will see the next available Location Type in your hierarchy listed in this dropdown as well:


Use the Nav Edit and Nav Delete buttons to edit or delete Locations that you have added to the Project.  Use the File:Projects/Create_New_Project/image028.png buttons to move the Location names up or down in the list. You can also use the sort button.jpg button to sort your locations.  When you click this button you have two options: Sort All Levels and Sort Current Level*.

*the text will change here for whatever Location Type level you have selected in your hierarchy.

Note: The Sort function is not available from within our Text, Visio, or AutoCAD interfaces but you can access this at any time via the View Project Information command.



The File:Projects/Create_New_Project/image029.png buttons are used to Export/Import Location Configuration.  A Location Configuration is essentially a template that can be imported to any project.  When you click the File:Projects/Create_New_Project/image030.png button, you are prompted to enter a name:


When you click the File:Projects/Create_New_Project/image032.png button, you can select from your previously saved Location Configurations:


Note: Location and Zone saved configurations are machine specific and do not synchronize to other client machines.  See Locations and Zones for details.

There are three fields for every Location: Comp ID, Name, and Description.





Comp ID

This is a required filed and is usually an abbreviation of the name.  This field will have the default value of the first five characters of the Location name but you can override this default if you wish.  You may wish to use the Comp ID field in your Component ID format.


Enter the name of the Location.  This is a required field.


This is an optional field.  Describe the Location.




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