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Step 5

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Step 5:  Scope of Work


Entering a Scope of Work is optional.  The contents of this field will print on the Scope of Work client report.  This form has a spell check that you can run by clicking the File:Projects/Create_New_Project/image010.png button.

You can type in this field; copy and paste in this field, or use snippets.  A snippet is a section of text, usually a paragraph.  Create snippets for commonly sold Packages that you have created in SI 5.

To create a snippet, click the File:Projects/Create_New_Project/image011.png button.  A window will open:


Enter a name and then the text.  You can copy and paste in this field.

To add a saved snippet to the Scope of Work statement, use the File:Projects/Create_New_Project/image013.png button.  This will open the Insert Snippet form:


To add a snippet to the Scope of Work statement, select the snippet from the column on the left and click [OK].

To create a new snippet from this form use the File:Projects/Create_New_Project/image011.png button.  To delete a snippet from your saved list, select the snippet in the column and click the File:Projects/Create_New_Project/image015.png button.



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