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Step 1

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Step 1:  Project Information

There are two required fields at this point: Client and Project Name.  It is also advised that you provide a Project Number.





Who the Project is for

Project Name


This should be descriptive enough to be able to identify the Project

Project Number


This can be any String of your choosing.  If you leave this field blank, a Project number will be generated based on your settings for Project Number ID. (see Formatting for more information about Project Number ID


This is a dropdown list to identify what milestone you are at in a Project’s lifestyle.  (see Project Statuses for details)

Assigned To

This is the person within your organization that is responsible for this project.  It is up to you to define “Responsible”.

Price Type Set the default Price Type for this project. (see Price Type for details)


This is where you fill in the name of the decision maker for a Project.  This field will automatically populate on the client signature line in reports.


The title of the person you entered in the Name field.


Phone number of the person you entered in the Name field.


Email address of the person you entered in the Name field.

Sales Rep, Designer, Project Manager, and Other

These are dropdown lists to identify who in your company is involved in the Project.  (see Staff Types and Members for details).


If the Client already exists under Clients and Contacts within SI 5, many of the above fields will populate with information from the Client.  See Clients and Contacts for details.



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