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File Locations

Project File Location(s)

SI 5 Projects can be composed of multiple files.  All files for a Project must be stored together in the same folder.  Managing how and where you store your Project files is up to you, so make sure you develop and maintain a strategy for Project file management.

Local Projects Folder

Every SI 5 is install must have a local Projects folder.  The default location for this folder is:

XP:         C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\D-Tools SI5 Projects

VISTA:   C:\Users\username\Documents\D-Tools SI 5 Projects

*username= your Windows login name

You will have a local projects folder for each unique user login, however, they will all share the same local database.

Within this folder, all Project files must be in their own folder.  You can have as many subfolders within the root of the default Projects folder as you wish.

Server Projects Folder

When you installed your SI 5 Server Components, a shared project folder was created on that machine, see the SI 5 Installation and Administration Guide for details.  This is where project reside when they are “checked in”.  See Checked In vs. Checked Out.  Project files transferred to the server maintain the folder structure of the local Projects folder.



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