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Location Types and Locations

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Location Types and Locations


This is where you setup your default Location Types and then create a list of default Locations for each Location Type.  Locations are a way to group products on SI 5 reports.  Locations are for identifying where equipment is being installed in a project.  You can use up to five levels to identify your Location Types hierarchy.  In the screen shot above, only three levels have been added to the Location Types hierarchy: Building, Floor, Room.  An example using all five levels is: Campus, Building, Floor, Room, Closet.  Whatever hierarchy you choose to use, just make sure that it makes sense when read from top to bottom.  Building->Closet->Floor, for example, does not make sense.

Use the Nav Add, Nav Delete, Nav Edit to add, edit, and delete Location Types and use the File:Setup/Project_Settings/image006.png to move Location Types up and down in the list.  These buttons are handy because this is a hierarchy and should flow from the top down.

Once you've chose your hierarchy, you can then begin adding Locations which will server as your global list for easy adding during project creation.

To add a new Location, first select the Location Type then scroll to the bottom of the Locations grid:


There are three fields for each Location: Comp ID, Name, and Description.  The Comp ID field by default is the first five characters of the Name field.  But you could changes this to be the room numbers from an architectural floor plan plot, for example.  The Comp Id for Locations can be used in your Component ID Format.



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