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SI5 Administration Console Management


The Manage tab provides some additional tools for Server data and Administration User management. 


Manage ->Database


Clicking Manage -> Database will provide the following interface for backing up and restoring your Server data:


You should make a habit of creating daily or weekly backups of your Server data.  Be sure to backup this data to a different physical device.  If you are using a dedicated server, it may include software that will automatically backup SQL data.  This Backup and Restore function primarily for use if you want change the machine where the SI 5 Server is installed.

Backup Server

When you click [Backup Server], you will be prompted to verify that you have checked in all projects and that all user are logged out of SI 5:


Once you confirm, you will need to Browse to a folder where you want to save your SI5.5 Server Backup Archive file to.  You will not need to change the path of the “Server Project Folder” unless you changed the defaults during install.  Click [Backup Server] when ready:


Note: This backup function does not backup any custom reports. See here for instructions on backing up custom reports.

Restore Server

Use the [Restore Server] button to restore a backup of your data.  Once again, you will be prompted to confirm that all projects are checked in and that all users are logged out of SI 5:


Once you confirm, you will then browse to where your backup file stored.  The path for where your SQL data is stored will be filled in for you.  Her you will make a choice between deleting or overwriting the existing files, deleting is recommended.  When ready click [Restore Server]:


Note: Your path may vary depending on your machine. For example, if you are using a 64-bit OS your path may need to be changed to Program Files (x86) or if you already had another instance running on your SQL server you may need to point to MSSQL.2 etc.

Manage -> Administration Users

This is where you can Add, Delete and Edit users that can have access to the SI 5 Administration Console.  These logins are completely separate from the User logins that you create for your staff. 



This is where logs will be recorded for any issues that you may encounter when logging into SI 5 from a Client machine.  Our Tech Support department may use these in determining the cause of any issues encountered.





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