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Licensing in SI5


In SI5 we have two components, the SI5 Server and the SI5 Client.  The SI5 Server and Client may be on the same PC or separate PC’s.  You only need one SI5 Server but can have multiple SI5 Client machines. We use a “concurrent user” model for licensing in SI5.  Client software may be installed on as many machines as the customer desires, simultaneous use is limited to the number of seats that have been purchased.  Only the SI5 Server installation needs to be registered. There is no separate registration for SI5 Client machines. This is because all licenses are authenticated through the SI5 Server Administration Console to the D-Tools registration servers. For example, if you have three SI5 seats, you can have three users logged into an SI5 Client at any given time. You may have the SI5 Client installed on six machines in your office, but only three users will be allowed to login at any given time.

During installation, you enter your SI5 Server CD Key into the form shown below:


This is the only time you will need to enter your CD Key unless you move your SI5 Server to another machine.

Your SI5 Server license is validated by the D-Tools registration system daily and should always show your SI5 registration is valid for the next 30 days.  It is required that your SI5 Server machine must have a connection to the internet (at least every 30 days) so the license can renew. This process is automatic and you need not do anything. If your SI5 Server is behind a firewall (other than the Windows firewall), you will need to allow app.d-tools.com through your firewall.

License Expired

If you receive a message that your SI5 license is set to expire in X days, there are a few scenarios that may have caused this.

  • There may have been an internet connection issue when SI5 last attempted to refresh your licensing. To check for this, open the SI5 Administration console and look in the upper right corner of the form for your expiration date:


To manually attempt to update your license, click the [Verify Registration] button on this form:


If this does not update the date to be 30 days out, please contact D-Tools Support for assistance.

  • If you have been working while disconnected from the SI5 Server for close to 30 days, you may also get a message letting you know that your license will expire in X days. The "Disconnect from SI5 Server" is an option in SI5 that allows you to "cache" one of your SI5 licenses locally on your machine and work away from the network where your SI5 Server is installed. See here for more info on this function.

In order to update your license you must:

  1. Connect back to your network where your SI5 server is installed (either physically or via VPN).
  2. Launch SI5.
  3. Select File->Connect to SI5 Server. This will "check-in" your SI5 license to your SI5 Server.



  1. If you wish, you can then choose File->Disconnect from SI5 Server to "cache" the newly updated license back to your local machine.
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