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D-Tools Data File

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This page describes the D-Tools Data File, and how it is used to send data to D-Tools


  1. Review each record (row = model) in the worksheet
  2. Make changes to incorrect data. Mark changes in red text
  3. Add new products to the bottom. Mark these in green text
  4. Use the Status column to indicate which products to delete or discontinue
  5. Email this file back to us (data@d-tools.com) when completed


The D-Tools Data File contains one record (row) for each model number in your catalog. Each record has the following data fields (columns):


Status - this is an indicator field that tells D-Tools what to do with the record. Possible values are:

KEEP - Leave product as is. No changes. You can also just leave these blank

UPDATE - Make changes to the data

NEW - New product that needs to be added

DELETE - Permanently delete this product

DISCONTINUE - Product is discontinued

Model - the unique model number for this product. Click here for more information

Description - a short description for the product

URL - the main product URL from your site. Where do users go to get information on this product?

Category and Subcategory - D-Tools category and subcategory. These are restricted to D-Tools standard categories. When changing these, please try to use categories and subcategories which already exist in your spreadsheet.

Thumbnail URL - if you have a thumbnail image that is available online, you can add the URL here and we will upload the image

Other Fields - dimensions, MSRP, SKU, and a number of other fields are available. See Supported Data Fields for more information

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