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What/Who is a SIX Administrator?

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What/Who is a SIX Administrator?



A SIX Administrator is any SIX User that is assigned to the Administrators User Group.




This is generally the person who installed your SIX Server. When configuring the SIX Server, a default User is created: "admin" with a password of "admin". A SIX Administrator may have changed the password for the "admin" user though for security reasons as SIX Admins have the ability to create/edit/delete SIX Users via the Control Panel:




They also have the ability to back up SIX data via the Server Manager in the Control Panel:




You will only see the "Server Manager" option under the Control Panel if the SIX Server is installed on the same machine as the SIX Client that you have open. If you don't see this, you will need to go to the machine where your SIX Server is installed and either open the SIX Client and go to the Control Panel or open up the SIX Server Manager directly:



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