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Two SIX Icons Displaying



After installing SP1 for SIX, you have two SIX icons displaying on your Desktop. This will only occur on machines where you have loaded the SIX Client under multiple profiles.




This scenario would occur if:

  1. You installed the SIX Client under multiple Windows profiles on a machine, say User A and User B.
  2. You then upgrade to SP1 while logged in as User A. User A's profile will be properly upgraded to have only one instance of the SIX Client but User B's profile would have two instances as the first profile will not be removed.



Uninstall the SIX client from all Windows profiles on that machine, then reinstall SIX SP1 under one profile. SP1 for six made a change where the install is not specific to the Windows profile as was the case in previous versions of SIX.

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