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Hardware/Software Requirements for Mobile Quote



This describes the hardware and software requirements/compatibility for the Mobile Quote app.



The Mobile Quote app only works with iPads running iOS7 or later.


We recommend having 1GB of available memory on your device.



The Mobile Quote app only works with SIX 2013 R2. 


Parallels Settings


If you are running SIX 2013 on a server running on Parallels on a Mac it is important that you make sure your networking is set to "Bridged" in the Parallels configuration. Using shared networking will result in the app not be able to connect to the windows virtual. 


You can set up bridged networking in the parallels configuration.


  1. In your system tray right click on the parallels icon
  2. Select "Configure"
  3. In the configure dialog choose "Hardware"
  4. In the panel on the left of the hardware screen select "Network 1" (it may be named something different on your machine, so look for "Network ..." ) that should be the one).
  5. In the main panel next to "Type" select the "Bridged Network" "Default Adapter" selection.
  6. Restart you parallels virtual for the setting to take effect.



You must be able to connect your iPad to your network where the machine running your SIX Server resides, using the IP Address of your SIX Server. There are three possible methods:


Your SIX Server must be on a network with wireless access so that your iPad can connect to it if you are within your network.


Your wireless network can not be assigned as "Public network" since this prevents networking between devices. When setting your network location, set it as either "Home network" or "Work network":


set network location.jpg


If you are using our AWS Hosted Solution, you will use WiFi to connect to your SIX Server.


  • Within the network only: In this case the SIX 2013 R2 Server can only be connected to by other computers on the network. Basically, the iPad device must be connected to the network wirelessly that is running the SIX 2013 Server.
  • Via VPN: iPad devices include a VPN client that can be used to make VPN connections. Again, the set up here is very similar to how D-Tools customers currently configure SIX 2013 R2 to be accessed over VPNs with the additional step of configuring the VPN or any firewall to allow http traffic on port 9011.
  • Via HTTP:  A new option available in SIX 2013 R2 is to make the services publicly available via http. In this case, customers will need to set up their firewall to allow traffic to the SIX 2013 Server via http on port 9011. If the customer has a domain they can equally create a sub domain for these services such as: mobilequote.mycompany.com.  In this case, the Mobile Quote user need only be on an active internet connection to connect to SIX 2013.
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