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QuickBooks Estimate



This explains QuickBooks Estimates in SIX.



You can create QuickBooks Estimates directly from SIX Projects.

What are the benefits of this feature?


This saves you time by not having to manually re-create a Project's BOM over in QuickBooks. 

When to use this feature?


Once you've "sold" a Project, transfer a QuickBooks Estimate then work in QuickBooks to create Invoices and/or Purchase Orders...QuickBooky things.



From within the Project Editor, you can create a QuickBooks Estimate for all of the Products/Labor Items in your Project or just for the selected Products:




The Create Estimate form will open:


create estimate form.jpg


You also have the option of adding any items to an existing QuickBooks Estimate vs. creating a new QuickBooks Estimate:




This will open a form that will allow you to enter any existing Estimate in QuickBooks:


select estimate form.jpg


Click here for Tutorial.

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