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Find Usages and Replace



Find Usages and Replace allows you to quickly find all instances where a Product or Labor Item is an Accessory to another item or is part of a Package.


File:SIX_Guide/006_Catalog/002_Product_Explorer/Find_Usages_and_Replace/find_usages_and_replace_button.jpg            File:SIX_Guide/006_Catalog/002_Product_Explorer/Find_Usages_and_Replace/find_usages_and_replace_labor_button.jpg

What are the benefits of this feature?


This saves a ton of time and removes the need for you to "memorize" your SIX database.

When to use this feature?


When a product becomes discontinued or when you want to swap out a similar item.



This feature is available in both the Product Explorer and the Labor Explorer.


  1. In either the Product Explorer or the Labor Explorer, select the Product or Labor Item that you want to find.
  2. Click the Tools tab then click the [Find Usages and Replace] button.




  1. The "Find Usages and Replace" form will open and will display all instances where the Product/Labor Item is an Accessory or is part of a Package.




  1. Use the check boxes or the [Select All] buttons to choose which items you want to "swap out" the selected Product/Labor Item for and then click the [...] button to find the replacement Product/Labor Item:




  1. Once you've selected the Product/Labor Item, click the [Replace] button:



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