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I/O's are used to populate the Visio and AutoCAD Schematic shapes/blocks. You add I/O's via the I/O Studio. You can add I/O's to a single Product via the Edit Product function.


io tab in edit product.jpg


You can also open the I/O Studio for more than one Product at a time by selecting the Products in the grid within the Product Explorer interface and clicking the [I/O's] button:


io button.jpg

What are the benefits of this feature?


Inputs/Outputs added to a Product will display in the Schematic shapes/blocks in our Visio and AutoCAD interfaces. Connections made with SIX wire shapes/blocks can be reported against.

When to use this feature?


Use this feature when you plan to use a Product on a Schematic page in our Visio and AutoCAD interfaces.



I/O's populate the SIX Visio and AutoCAD Schematic shapes and blocks:


schematic visio shapes.jpg

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