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Bulk Wire



The "Bulk Wire" setting changes the behavior of Wire Products.



What are the benefits of this setting?


This option will make the wire behave on a per foot/meter basis. When adding a "Bulk Wire" to a Project, you will be prompted to add the Wire Length, Head End, Start Terminal, and End Terminal for the wire. By adding "wire drops" vs. spools to projects, you can then use specific wires in our drawing interfaces.

When to use this setting?


Use this feature for Wire Products that come on a spool and are considered "bulk wire" vs. a pre-terminated wire of set length.




When using this option for Wire Products, set your Unit Cost, Unit Price, and Labor Hours fields on a per foot/meter basis.


price tab.jpg


In the example above, the Labor Hours is set to .006. That means that for a 100 foot drop of wire, the labor hours charged would be .6 hours.

Head End


A "Head End" is an optional field for "Bulk Wires" to designate the wire's "end point". Shown below is the "Assign Head and Bulk Wire Length" form.




There is a Project Setting that determines whether or not you will be prompted by this form when adding wire, either individual wires or wires in a Package.



Start/End Terminal


These fields display the Start and End Terminals for wires. You can manually set these. These fields display in the Bulk Wire Termination Report.




There is a Project Setting relating to these fields. When set to "True", when you connect the wire to Schematic Shapes/Blocks, these fields will be overridden with the Terminal names set on the Shapes/Blocks.



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