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Mobile Quote Explorer

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This explains the Mobile Quote Explorer interface within SI 2015.



The Mobile Quote Explorer is where you will manage your Mobile Quotes within SI 2015:


mobile quote explorer start menu.jpg


Here you can perform various functions for Quotes that you have synchronized from the Mobile Quote app:


mobile quote explorer interface.jpg



In the Manage section of the ribbon you can view, delete, archive, or unarchive Quotes. When you click the [View] button, the Mobile Quote Viewer will open:


view button on ribbon.jpg


The Mobile Quote Viewer interface displays the Items that you have added to the Quote:


mobile quote viewer.jpg


For more details, click the [Information] button within the Mobile Quote Viewer:


information button in viewer.jpg


Here you can view general information, the description, and pricing details of the Quote. All information here is non-editable:


mq information form 2.jpg



The [View] button in the View section of the ribbon will allow you choose which Quotes display: All, My, or Archived


view button on ribbon 2.jpg


The Quick Filter button allows you to further change what Quotes display:


quick filter on ribbon.jpg



The Project section of the ribbon allows you to Create or View existing Projects for your Quotes.


create project button on ribbon.jpg


Click here for more information on creating a Project from a Quote.

Mobile Devices


The Mobile Devices section of the ribbon allows you to manage your Mobile Devices (iPads) as well as buy additional seats for Mobile Quote.



The [View] button in the Catalog section of the ribbon will display your SI 2015 Catalog as it will be synched with the Mobile Quote app:


view catalog button on ribbon.jpg

The Mobile Quote Catalog Viewer displays Categories and Subcategories from your SI 2015 Catalog with a price range from minimum to maximum:


mobile quote catalog viewer.jpg


Once you have made any edits to your SI 2015 Catalog after the initial sync, click the Build Catalog button here to regenerate the list of Categories/Subcategories prior to you syncing again.

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