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Creating a Quote

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This explains how to create a Quote in the Mobile Quote app.



Note: The current Mobile Quote App still references "SIX", "SIX 2013", and "SIX 2013 R2" throughout. No worries, Mobile Quote works seamlessly with SI 2015.

Step 1


You can type in a name for your Quote directly on the Start Screen and click the [Create Quote] button:


start screen quick start populated.PNG


Or you can click the Create New Quote link from the main menu:


create new quote link.png


This will open the Create New Quote screen:


create new quote screen.PNG


At any point, you can edit this information via the Quote Settings link from the Quote Menu:


quote settings link.png


Once the Quote is created you will see the following instructions display:


lets build a quote message.PNG

Step 2


Tap the [Action] button to add Locations to the Quote:


action button.PNG


The [Add Location] button will allow you to select Locations that have been synced from your SI 2015 Settings:


add location to quote.PNG


The [Create Location] button allows you to manually type in a name:


new location.PNG


If you wish to add images to your Locations, you can do this via the [Action] button then the [Manage Pictures] button:


manage photos.png

Step 3


Select a Location along the left side of the interface and then tap the [Action] button, then tap the [Add Items] button:


add items button.PNG


Here you can select to add Equipment, Packages, or Wire:


add item.PNG


When you click on a Category you will then be prompted to select a Subcategory. Select one and click [Done]:


add item 2.PNG


The item will be added to the Quote. To edit the item, click on it:


added item.PNG


The Edit Item screen will open:


edit item.PNG

Step 4


Review your Quote. Click the [Menu] button then the Review Quote link:


review quote link.PNG


This will display a summary of your Quote:


review quote.PNG

Step 5


Approve the Quote. If all is good, click the Approve Quote link:


approve quote link.PNG


This will display the Quote for signing:


approve quote.PNG

Step 6


Synchronize your Quote to SI 2015.


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