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This will introduce you to the Mobile Quote integration for D-Tools System Integrator SI 2015.



Mobile Quote has been designed as an add-on to the SI 2015 platform. D-Tools has built Mobile Quote with your Sales Team, and sales process, in mind. Specifically, Mobile Quote allows your team to confidently work with your clients to determine the scope and target budget of a job. With Mobile Quote your team can:


  • Easily work at your client’s site to determine the size and requirements of the project.
  • By using general information found in your catalog determine an estimated price for the final project.
  • Review the requirements with the client and ask them to agree to allow your team to generate a detailed proposal for final approval.
  • Send the quote data to SI 2015 and use that data to build out a detailed proposal.

How Does Mobile Quote Work with SI 2015?


Mobile Quote one more tool in your kit to help sell, design and deliver with confidence on every job. It works in conjunction with SI 2015 to provide a complete workflow from pre-sales, to sales, to design and finally to installation.


Note: The image below still references SIX 2013. Substitute in your minds a graphic that displays "SI 2015".



There are a few steps required to get Mobile Quote set up and ready for use. In this section we will walk through each of those and try and guide you through some of the more tricky spots along the way.

When Mobile Quote is first installed it is opened in an “unregistered” mode. This means that until you register your iPad device with SI 2015, you will not be able to use all the features of Mobile Quote.


Included in Mobile Quote is a sample quote and some sample data. You can edit the sample quote fully and perform all functions related to building, reviewing, and approving a quote.


Click here for our FAQ page on Mobile Quote.

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