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Location and System Shapes

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The Location and System shapes can be used on Visio drawing pages to allow you to have a Location and/or System assign to Items you drag into the shape.


locations and systems stencil.png


These shapes can be used on any page but are particularly useful on Plan pages to drag and drop Items directly into room.


These shapes only work for new Items being added to the Project via the Product Explorer, Labor Explorer, Package Explorer, as well as from the Products tab within the Visio interface, e.g. they work for Items being added to the Project, not existing Items.


product tree.png


Item dragged into these shapes from the Project Grid will not reassign that Item's Location and/or System.


Dragging shapes from one Location/System shape to another will not re-assign the Location and System of the shape.

How to Use


Drag over a shape to a Visio page. In this example, I dragged over the Location and System shape onto a Plan page:




The Assign Locations and Systems UI will open. Make your selections:




After re-sizing the shape I dragged over a Product I want to add to the Project and drop into the shape:




The shape will drop and the Product will be added to the Project and assigned to a Location and System.


dropped shape.jpg




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