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Link to Product (Visio)

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The Link to Product feature allows you to link any Visio shape to an SI 2015 Product. You can then create a new Master Shape for use in Projects.

What are the benefits of this feature?


You can create your own custom Visio shapes or link third-party Visio shapes to your SI 2015 Catalog, e.g. NetZoom.

When to use this feature?


When you want to link a shape to Products in your SI 2015 Catalog.



Create or drag in a shape that you want to link to a Product. If you used multiple shapes to create your final shape, select them all choose to Group them:


grouping shape.png


On a Visio page, select the shape you want to link and right-click and choose D-Tools->Link to Product:




The Add Products form will open. Select a Product and then click the [Add and Close] button:




This shape is now linked to that Product within this Project and the Product has been added to the Project Editor.


If you chose to link to an existing product, a form opens allowing to select a Product that is already a part of the Project:




In order to be able to re-use this shape on future Projects, you must create a new Master Shape. You can add the shape to an existing D-Tools Visio Stencil or you can create a new Stencil.

Creating a New Stencil


In the Visio Shapes window, select More Shapes->New Stencil (either US or Metric):




The Stencil will be created and will be open for edit. Drag your shape into the Stencil:




A new Master Shape will be created:


new master shape.png


Rename the shape and then click the [Save] button:


save stencil.png


In order for this Stencil to display with your SI 2015 Visio Stencils you must navigate and save to the following folder on your machine:




Note: AppData is a hidden folder so you will need to change your Windows settings to show hidden files and folders.


stencil location.png

Adding to existing Stencil


In the D-Tools Shapes window, right-click the Stencil you want to use and select Open Stencil:


edit existing stencil.png


The Stencil will open in the Shapes window. Right-click on the title bar of the Stencil and select Edit Stencil:


edit stencil option.png


Drag your shape into the Stencil:



Click the [Save] button. There is no need to select a path since this Stencil already exists:


save stencil 2.png\


It is a good idea to now Lock the Stencil so if we (D-Tools) release updated Stencils, yours won't get overwritten.

Using the Shape(s)


Now you can use your custom Shape(s) just as you would any stock D-Tools Shape. If you drag the Shape directly to a Visio page, the Add Product form will open and be filtered to the Product you have assigned the shape, acting as a one-to-one relationship vs. a one-to-many. However, you can select any Product from your SI 2015 Catalog simply by clicking the [Reset] button in the Filter and Query section of the ribbon:



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