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Creating a Visio File

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  1. Select the Project in the Project Explorer and click the Visio button in the ribbon and select "New Visio":


visio button on ribbon.png


You can also click the [New] button from the Files tab at the bottom of the Project Explorer interface:


visio button from files section.png


Or you can also right-click to create the Visio file:


right click.png


The New Visio Drawing form will open:


template selection.png


  1. Once you select the template you want to use, the Drawing Name field will populate with the project name followed by a number. If for some reason you want to change the file category you can as well.


selected template.png



Populate company logo on title block


This feature will replace the D-Tools logo with the logo you've added under Company Information.


populate company logo.png


Note: If the "Populate company logo on title block" function doesn't work for you logo, e.g. it is a long rectangular logo vs. a square shaped logo, you can create custom Visio Templates. Click here for details.


Checking this box will change the following Project Setting to "New":


project setting.png


  1. Click [OK] and then the Visio file will open.
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