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Update from D-Tools Library

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The Update From D-Tools Library feature allows you to compare Products and Labor Items in a Project with what is in your SI 2015 Catalog.


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What are the benefits of this feature?


This allows you to see differences in fields between a Product in SI 2015 and what is in the D-Tools download library.

When to use this feature?


When you want to see if any fields have changed in the D-Tools download library since you downloaded and modified a Product.



Once you select the Product(s) that you want to compare, click the [Update from] button in the D-Tools Library section of the ribbon:


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This will open the Compare with Catalog form:




This will display all of the differences between your local data and what is available for download. If you selected multiple Products to compare/update they will be listed on the left side of the interface:




The Options button allows you to choose which fields will be updated to your local Product(s) from the D-Tools download library:




When ready, click either the [Update and Close] or [Update] button on the ribbon.





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