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Managing Projects

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There are multiple functions for managing your SI 2015 Projects.

Check In/Out


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The Check In/Check Out feature for Project in SI 2015 is certainly the most critical one to understand when it comes to managing your SI 2015 Projects. Click here for details.


Add Additional Files


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Additional files are linked Visio and AutoCAD drawings created within SI 2015. They can also be any other files you wish to add to the Project Folder, like .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, etc. Click here for details.

Create Project Template


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You can create a template based off an existing Project. You will have the option of adding an additional project files to the template:


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Click here to see how to create a Project from a Template.

Archive/Unarchive Project


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This feature allow you to Archive or Unarchive your SI 2015 Projects. Archiving will remove the Project from the "All" and/or "My" views. Click here for details.



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This feature will export a list of all Projects displaying in the Project Explorer. You can filter this list prior to exporting to get a list of specific Projects.


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Send To


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This feature will allow you to zip and/or email (via Outlook) a Project. This feature could be used to send a SI 2015 Project to another SI 2015 user outside of your organization or to D-Tools Support.


When you click this option, you will be prompted whether to add any of the additional project files to the zip file:


zip file options.png


For the Zip option, you will then be prompted to choose a file location:


zip save location.png


For the Outlook option, the file will be zipped and attached to an email template:


send to outlook.png

Get Latest Version


get latest version button.png


This feature will copy down the most current Project files from your SI 2015 Server. This option is only active if someone else has updated the Project since the last time you checked the Project out to your machine. Checking out a project will automatically copy the latest version of files to your machine, but this function can be used if you do not wish to check out the Project.



history button.png


This feature will display the check in/out history for a Project. When you select a row in the Project History section, any changed fields will display in the Changed Fields section:




You can export this list to PDF or Excel:


export history options.png

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