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Labor Considerations

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There are two ways to add labor for Projects and Service Orders...well, three ways if you count the combination of the two, and you likely will. You can charge for labor per Product and/or you can use Labor Items to add labor to a Project.

Labor per Product


Charging labor on a per Product basis is the preferred method by most users. This is done based on Phase assignment and Labor Hours.




You set the number of hours you estimate the Product takes to install, and assign it an appropriate Phase. Phases store your labor rates. Through the magic of math your labor is automatically calculated for Products when added to a Project. See Phases.



Even if you choose not to charge for labor this way, you may still want to assign all Products a Phase and/or Labor Hours. Think Reporting. Being able to filter by Phase on a report can be very useful, so can knowing the estimated number of hours to install a Product.

Labor does not calculate for Products added to Service Orders, you will use Labor Items instead, see Service Orders.

Labor Items


These are Items in your SI 2015 Catalog. They are used most often to add Programming labor to a Project and for Service Orders. These are often used in conjunction with the "Labor per Product" method (above) but can also be used instead of the "Labor per Product" method. See Labor Items.


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