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Order Reports Designer

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The Order Report Designer is for creating custom Reports based off of the Reports that display within the different interfaces for Tasks, Work Orders, and Service Orders.







  1. Menus and Toolbars - Selecting, saving, and publishing reports and formatting components of the report loaded into the designer.
  2. Control Toolbox – Controls available to be added to a report layout
  3. Report Designer Canvas - Design view of the report, sections and controls. This section also provides access to the reports scripting UI.
  4. Report Explorer and Data Explorer Window - The Report Explorer allows users to see the sections and controls of a report in a tree format. The Data Explorer allows users to select fields from the XML structure against which the report is bound to.
  5. Properties Window - Lists all the modifiable properties for the selected object in the designer, be it a control, section, or the report itself

Menus and Toolbars


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Some notable functions:



new button.png


This will open up the New Project Wizard so you can create a report based off of an existing SI 2016 Report (recommended) or one "from scratch":





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unpublished report button.png


You can open an "Existing Report" - one that is currently Published (see below), or you can open an "Unpublished Report" - one where you have used the Save for Later function (see below). This will open a form for you to select the report you want to edit:


open published report prompt.png

Save for Later


save for later.png


This will not publish the report but will save your work for future edits. If the Report is already published, you can still use this function for editing the existing report but not Publishing the changes.



publish report.png


This will Publish the report to your machine only. Publishing means that the report is available for use in SI 2016. It will not be shared with other SI 2016 Users. In order to share with users, you must use the Export/Import features in the Order Report Designer via the file menu:


export reports.png


See here for details on Exporting/Importing.

Control Toolbox


control toolbox.png


There are various Controls in the Toolbox window. Use these to customize your reports. See the Active Reports Online Guide for more information.

Report Designer Canvas




The Canvas is where you design your report. There are various sections (PageHeader1, GroupHeader1, Detail1, etc.) with various Fields and Controls.

Report Explorer




The Report Explorer shows a hierarchy of all the Report sections.

Data Explorer




The Data Explorer lists all of the XML tags that can be dragged to the Canvas.

Properties Window




The Properties window will display the Properties of a selected Field, Control, or Report section.

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