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SI 2016 Release Notes

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Purchase Orders


Create purchase orders with products from your catalog and projects

Order unit of measure for products

Receive items on purchase orders

Publish purchase order to Vendor Portal on D-Tools Cloud where vendors can view/accept/reject and comment on purchase orders 

QuickBooks Online


Integrate all SI QuickBooks functions with QuickBooks Online 

Supply Stream Integration


Integrate downloads with Supply Stream

Catalog Improvements


Packages can have a specific price or follow project price type

Merge Price Rules from Catalog and Project for products

Project Improvements


Promote revision to give users the option to select which project files to overwrite

Enable Auto Save in Visio and AutoCAD interfaces

Compute Price from Project Items in Miscellaneous Items and Service Order Labor

Add ability to import Locations/Systems descriptions in Insert Drawing Pages and Copy/Paste Project Items

Add ability to round up or down the Price of Products within a Project

Import Locations and Systems to be allowed even when project has locations and systems

Add Discount to Project Price Rules

Improve Price Settings to manage changes on Unit Cost

Import and Export Scope of Work RTF files

Add Option to Update I/O to catalog in Product Editor in Projects

Add Project Setting to prompt user to check-in all projects when closing SI

Change Projects Settings dialog to be better spaced out and arranged

Improve Project History to export changed fields on check in event to PDF and Excel

Project setting to prompt to update similar items

Clone Project and Import Project to split reset Order and Install properties

Increase location description and system description character limit to 4000

Drawing Improvements


Off Page Reference Shape in Visio

Support Visio 2013 file formats - templates and drawings

Set the Print Setup to be proper for each of our Visio Templates

Support VSSX stencil file format in Visio 2013 and later

Add UpdatedOn to Project Items and use field to improve synchronize of shapes with project in drawings

AutoConnect on Visio Line views

Generate Top View option in Visio

Scheduling Improvements


Add Business Hours to Scheduling

Add Timeline view to the Calendar

Automatically assign resource and time when creating task or service order from calendar

Sync Mobile Install Status and Schedule Progress

Edit Task and Service Order should refresh any changes data from Mobile Install

Service Order and Task Numbers to have an explicit auto generate option

Add description and contact to Project Tasks

Add IP Address to Task Items

Add Created On field to Tasks, Service Orders and Purchase Orders

Add Project Number to Service Order and Task displays

Prompt to Publish to Mobile Install when date changes on Calendar for published tasks and service orders

Add ability to open Items for edit within a Service Order

Mobile Install Improvements


Time Sheets - Track and Export Time Entries in Mobile Install

Site Items for Mobile Install Tasks

Improve Start Work and End Work to keep timer running even if page is not active

New Mobile Install Notification for Task and Service Order Publisher to get email on completion

Send Email when a site note is added or edited

Add description to Mobile Install Service Orders

Add Contact and description information to Mobile Install Tasks

Add IP Address to Task Items in Mobile Install

Add option to show or not show pricing on the Approve screen for Service Orders in Mobile Install

Add ability to hide the Analysis tab in Mobile Install

Reporting Improvements


Allow Project Items to be arranged in Proposal Reports

Add ability to export and import Report Groups to File/Server

Company Profile Report - new report to display information on company

Product Details Report - new report to display unique important products in project with a large image

Checklist with Install Status - new report to display install status of items

Line Item Detail (Discount and Net Price) - new report to display discount per item.

Line Item Detail (Unit Price and Total Price) - new report to indicate unit price per item

New "Task Item (Aggregated)" report

Change all reports to Segoe UI font

Add a report parameter to replace Qty field with Labor Hours for Labor Items on Client Reports

Add a report parameter "Hide  Summary Page" to our client reports

Add LocationFullAbbrev to Reporting item schemas

Export Report to File dialog to display in Tree with categories

Persist Report Filters for the SI Session

Add a Finish button in the New Report Wizard that becomes active after a name has been entered

Change Project Reports dropdowns to dialogs and persist size

Clients, Vendors and Contacts Improvements


Import Client/Vendor from Outlook should have option to make Company Name the client

Add Inactive to Contacts

Misc. Improvements


UI Improvements

Improve speed of open of Product and Labor Editors

Add Directions option to the Address Editor

Import Clients and Vendors from QuickBooks to work with large lists.

Add "F1" shortcut key to activate Lean More

Add "F3" to our search text on all views

Add Amazon URL to product web links

Add a setting to prompt to update new Signals and Terminals to the catalog in I/O Studio

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