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Managing Purchase Orders

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You can manage Purchase Orders via the Purchase Order Explorer:


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Viewing Purchase Orders


By default, all Purchase Orders will display in the Purchase Order Explorer:


all display.png


You can filter your Purchase Orders via the Quick Filter button:


quick filter.png


You can filter via the column filters:




You can also filter by Vendor and/or date range in the tree on the left side of the Purchase Order Explorer:


tree filters.png

Editing Purchase Orders


To edit a Purchase Order, you can double-click in the Purchase Order Explorer grid or you can select the Purchase Order and click the [Edit] button:


edit button.png


You can also select multiple Purchase Orders in the list (use Ctrl and/or Shift on your keyboard) and use the [Mass Update] button to edit multiple Purchase Orders at one time:


mass update button.png


Below are the fields available for Mass Update:


mass update purchase orders form.png

Item Receipts


You can mark items on Purchase Orders as "Received" by selecting the Purchase Order in the grid and clicking the [Item Receipt] button:


item receipt button.png


This will open the New Item Receipt form:


new item receipt.png


Here you can edit the Qty to Receive column for each Product. If you do not receive a full order you will enter just the quantity received and you can add any Notes to this if you wish.


Note: Use your [Tab] key to quickly go down the list once you click in one of the Qty to Receive fields.


quantity to receive.png


You can also use the [Receive All] or [Receive Selected] buttons if you wish:


receive all selected.png


When done you can [Save and Close] or you can run a report for this Item Receipt:


save or report.png


Click here for details on the report.


When you Save and Close the Purchase Order Receive it will display in the Receives section of the Purchase Order Explorer:


item receipts section.png


The next time you open the Project(s) where Purchase Orders have Receives associated with them, you will be prompted whether or not you want to update the Order fields:


prompt to update project fields.png


Clicking [Yes] will open the following form:


update project fields form.png


Select the Products you wish to update and click [Next>]:


choose fields.png


Select the fields you wish to update and click the [Update] button. If updating the Order Status you must choose an appropriate Order Status by clicking the Manage Order Statuses if you have done this already:


order statuses.png

Create QuickBooks Item Receipt


If you sent your Purchase Order from SI to QuickBooks you have the option to create QuickBooks Item Receipts directly from the Receives section fo the Purchase Order Explorer. Select the Item Receipt and click the [Create QuickBooks Item Receipt] button:


create quickbooks receipt.png


You will get a confirmation:


send item receipt confirmation.png


A checkmark will display next to the Receive:





You can also export your Purchase Orders directly to Excel or to PDF:


export excel.png

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