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Creating QuickBooks Items from Estimates

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When you attempt to create a QuickBooks Estimate and there are Items in SI 2017 that are not linked to QuickBooks Items, you will automatically be prompted to create them. For full details on creating a QuickBooks Estimate, click here.


  1. On the Create Estimate form, once you've created or selected a Customer:Job, click the [Create Estimate] button.


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  1. If any of the items in the Estimate are not assigned a QuickBooks Item, you will be prompted to create them. Click [Yes]:


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Note: if you do not want to create new items, you can click [No] on this prompt and then use the [Map] button to map each individual item on the Estimate to an existing QuickBooks Item. You can also use the [Create] button if you wish to pick and choose which items you want to create and which items you want to map.


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  1. The Create QuickBooks Items form will open listing all of the Items in the Estimate along the left side. Choose your Item Type, Vendor, Tax Code and Accounts. Click [Create] to create new QuickBooks Items for the selected Product. Repeat for each Item until all have Items have been created.




The form will close when all QuickBooks Items have been created and the Estimate will transfer to QuickBooks.

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