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Mobile Install Settings

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There are a few areas inside of the Mobile Install interface. The first one is under the Setup tab on the left side of the interface:


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This opens to a screen with four tabs: Profile, Logo, Preferences, and Notifications.



profile tab.png


Here you can view/change your basic information: Name of company, contact, address, etc.



logo tab.png


Here you can upload your Company logo for use in Mobile Install.





Enable Time Sheets

You can decide whether you want to use a Time Sheet interface to enter actual hours vs. just a single field, see Managing Tasks (MI) or Managing Service Orders (MI) for details.

Display analysis of estimated and actual hours to Installers

Unchecking this will not display the Analysis tab for users set up to be "Installers" for Tasks and Service Orders.

Display price on service order items

If you do not want the price to display for items on a Service Order then check this box.

Display price when approving a task or service order

If you do not want the price to display on the Approve tab for Tasks or Service Orders then uncheck this box.

Automatically update % complete for tasks based on items marked as installed

This option does the math for you when you mark items as installed on a Task and will update the % Complete field automatically.


Archive Section

Here you can set how often (if at all) you want your Tasks and Service Orders to archive.


See Managing Tasks for more details on many of these settings.





Here can choose your email preferences for Tasks and Service Orders notifications.


There are also a few more settings available to you via the button next to your username:


name settings.png


My Profile


my profile.png


Here you can change your name, email, mobile, and time zone. You can also choose which calendar to use when you export a Task or Service Order to Google Calendar:


select google calendar.png


calendar selection.png

Change Password


change password.png


Here you can change your Mobile Install password.

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