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Foreign Currency

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The Foreign Currency conversion feature allows you to quickly convert all pricing for a report.


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This allows you to easily produce reports for multiple currencies.



This feature is only available when running reports from within the Project Editor. This button opens the Reports Foreign Currency Options form:


foreign currency options.png


Use the dropdown menu to select a country, then enter the exchange rate. If you click the the "Currency Converter" link, a currency converter from Google Finance will launch in a browser:


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Now when you generate reports the pricing will be converted to the chosen currency and will display the proper currency symbol:





This feature does not change the pricing for any of the Price Types in your Catalog, it is solely for reporting.


The export to PDF function within the Report Viewer has a known issue in Active Reports 7 that will convert all numerals in the report to the alphabet of the chosen country. To get around this, print the report to PDF vs. using the export function. There are many free PDF printers available online.

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