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Creating Custom Visio Templates

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This will demonstrate creating custom Visio Templates in SI 2017. Some examples of why you would want to create a custom Visio Template are:


  • You want to add your company logo rather than use the feature shown here.
  • You want to add additional pages


You will want to make sure that you have the following Project Setting set to "Never":


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You will also not want to check the "Populate company logo on title block" option when creating a Visio file using your custom template:


company logo.png



  1. Close any open instances of Visio.
  2. Browse to the following location and copy an existing template and rename it to whatever you want: 




  1. Double-click the file to open it in Visio.
  2. Click the Title Page Background tab:




  1. Right click on the D-Tools logo and choose Open Group to Edit Image...:


open group to edit image.png


This will open a new window where you can then make your modifications, e.g. remove the existing D-Tools logo and add your own.


  1. When done, click File->Save As and save the file to the same path as above, C:\ProgramData\D-Tools\SIX\Templates (you will have to browse to it). Make sure you change the "Save as type" to "Template (*.vstx)":


save as.png


Share with Other Users


In order to share customized templates with other users, you must give them a copy of your .vst files and they must place them in the following folder on their computer: C:\ProgramData\D-Tools\SIX\Templates

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