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Request Data

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You must have our Data Subscription Service as part of your account in order to request data.


How do I request Data for products not in the database?


To request data, please submit a data request to our data team. You have the choice between Proposal Ready, Complete, and General data.


Proposal Ready is fast - 2 days at most - and contains information you need for proposals, such as images and descriptions

Complete takes longer - up to 10 days - but you get all of the information, including dimensions and I/O's where applicable

General is used when you don't have specific model numbers, but want to ask us to get all products from a particular manufacturer. General data requests take a variable amount of time, depending on the number of products, but generally get completed in 30 days or less 


Once you have completed all fields, submit the form to send it to our Data Team for review. You will receive an e-mail including a case number, which you can use to check the status of your request.


Our dedicated staff will then go out and collect the data you have asked for, and email you when it is ready. This generally takes 1-10 business days, though if you can include a price list or other source of data containing model numbers and other information, it can help expedite the process, particularly for general requests.


Is there a limit on the number of products I can request?


In order to provide the fastest turnaround for all subscribers, there is a limit of 10 model numbers for each proposal ready or complete data request. Multiple requests can be submitted and will be processed in the order they are received.


Alternatively, subscribers can submit a general data request, asking us to collect all product data for a given manufacturer. We generally set the bar at 2000 products for any one manufacturer, mostly due to the time it takes to add this many products.


How do I report errors?


Click here for a form to report any errors with data that you find.


Contact us


If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions for improvement, send us an email at data@d-tools.com. We are constantly improving what we do, so your feedback is appreciated.


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