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How do I change the picture on a Proposal?

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How do I change the picture on a Proposal?





There are two options: Settings Menu or Cover Page Image Icon


Cover Page Image:

  1. Click on Cover Page Image icon:

4-6-2016 12-26-56 PM.png


   2. Click on "Use specific cover page and proposal reports image in this project, then click on "Add" to browse the image:

4-6-2016 12-27-30 PM.png 




Settings Menu:

  1. Click the Settings button when on the Reports tab (can also be done in the Control Panel):




  1. Click the "Images" section, then click the "Select" link:


report settings.png


  1. This will open the following form. Click the Add button and browse to your image or drag and drop the image you want into the field. Click Save then run your Proposal report.


changed image.png


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