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HTA Reports

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You can download and use Cover Page reports that display your level of HTA Certification.


There are two reports for each level of certification, one that displays the logo without an asterisk and one with an asterisk.


CertLevel_Foundation_Stroke.png             CertLevel_Foundation_Stroke_Asterisk.png


The logo will display in the upper right-hand corner of the report:


logo on report.png


For the reports to with the logo with the asterisk, there is the following text at the bottom of the report.


bottom text.png


The text circled in green displays the value entered in Project Custom Field 8.


custom field 8.png



  1. Download the reports for the HTA Certification Level of choice: Estate, Luxury, Foundation
  2. Open SI and click Start->Reports->Manage Reports:


manage reports.png


  1. Click Import->File and browse to the file downloaded in Step 1.


import file.png


You will be prompted to publish the reports to your SI Server. Doing this will make the reports available to all of your SI Users.


export to server.png


The reports will display under Client reports and be read for use.


reports in list.png


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