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November 15th, 2017 Update

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This release has a build number of 6.11.2326.0


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  • Improve speed of project check in
  • Miscellaneous Item price can store a formula and recalculate automatically
  • Add 2 MAC Address fields to Project Items, Task Items and Mobile Install Task Items
  • Add four date, four numeric and four boolean project custom fields
  • Allow projects to be force checked in if checked out to others
  • Support multiple company addresses and allow users to select a specific company address for a project presented by address and purchase order shipping address
  • Display primary project contact email on Project Explorer
  • Improve project export to allow users to select specific fields to export
  • Improve project export to allow users to export all projects
  • Add snippets to Misc Items
  • Group By options are available on the layout tab of the Project Compare Editor and Task Editor
  • Project Editor should remember last custom layout by default
  • Add Autosize functionality for all columns in Project Editor and Product Editor
  • Add option to delete a SOW on server
  • Contact should automatically set as Primary when adding contact to the project which is not having any primary contact.
  • Project Export to Json/Xml to have option for integration format
  • Allow multiple projects to sent to integrations
  • Owner Furnished Equipment, Non-Billable, Discount fields are added on similar items update options.
  • Add Start Date and End Date fields to the Filters in Dashboards
  • Improve Find Products in Projects to display summarized data and also include products not part of projects
  • Display custom field names in Import CSV
  • Update from Library to have option to update Manufacturer and Model for close matches and persist list of fields to update
  • Add option to not include Misc sub-phase for items added to Tasks
  • Add Mobile Number to Tasks and Service Orders
  • Unpublish task and service from Mobile Install to give a strong warning that site notes, site images will be deleted
  • Add Project Number to Tasks and Mobile Install
  • Add mass update feature for purchase orders
  • Add project names to Purchase Order Explorer
  • Report Viewer to have an option to add exported files to project files
  • Add “Project Install Summary Detail” sub-report to all Install Price reports
  • Auto-populate the “To” field w/ Primary Contact email address when emailing report through Report Viewer
  • Customer Portal should respect Foreign Currency report settings
  • Allow Customer Portal reports to be generated for filtered items and selected items
  • Add ability to edit/create Report Definitions on Add Reports form in Customer Portal
  • Site Address displays in Client Explorer and be part of Client Import and Export
  • Display “Include Inactive” on the Manage Users ribbon tools to make it more visible
  • Allow purchase tax code to be set on non US QuickBooks companies when creating items
  • Warning prompt when transferring inactive items to QuickBooks estimates and QuickBooks purchase orders
  • Add to existing estimate to display tax on estimate
  • Change Shape on Visio has option to maintain shape properties
  • Enable resizing AutoCAD schematic block width
  • Enable AutoCAD layer color for schematic wire and block
  • Enable AutoCAD grip handles feature for schematic block
  • Enable layer linetype property for schematic wire in AutoCAD
  • Add a rack units block in AutoCAD
  • Add show/hide functionality for location and model on blocks in AutoCAD
  • Users can type a folder path for their SI server backup file in the SI Server Manager
  • Mobile Install dashboard to have option to filter by Client and Project
  • Mobile Install service order site items and task site items can be marked taxable and use tax rates from service order or task
  • Mobile Install daily notifications to have option to choose date of week
  • Mobile Install has dropdown list of all installers and publishers for site notes email
  • Mobile Install option added for checking “Send Email” by default when adding site notes for a Task or Service Order
  • Mobile Install site note email notification contains client and project name



  • Inner Exception error when saving a Package
  • Can’t edit Revision Notes the first time you try
  • Getting error message as “An appropriate license has not been given to the program” when share the document to customer portal from project editor inside the Visio and AutoCAD.
  • Checking out a project from project editor should update the latest changes.
  • Crash occurs using Visio Developer “Operations” - “Join” tool to join a wire shape and line connector connected to an equipment.
  • Labor hours of labor items not displaying as per custom themes in reports.
  • Alternate items to not show as negative numbers when subtracted
  • Equipment value shows wrong with non billable items in change order report.
  • File names with periods truncate at the period in CP
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