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May 9th, 2017 Update

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This release has a build number of 6.9.2136.0.


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  • Support AutoCAD 2018
  • Import Legacy Client Reports (SI 2016)
  • Display "My Projects" on Project Explorer to display projects assigned to current user or where current user is a resource
  • Change "Contract Payments" wording to "Payment Terms"
  • Change "Purchase Order Receives" wording to "Item Receipts"



  • CRITICAL - Improve Project Check In Speed (requires server update)
  • Can't paste text in the Search field on the Products tab and Shapes tab in Visio
  • QuickBooks Canada reverts Country to “US” after closing and opening SI
  • Add some space between signatures on reports
  • Spacing issues in the Project Summary section of reports
  • Graphics not lining up for subtotals on Proposal reports
  • An exception occurs when running a report with labor is an accessory and show labor items is unchecked in the report definition.
  • Detail Prices not showing for Labor Items in Proposal with Large Images (Install Price)
  • Change Cover Page Image field to Zoom vs. Stretch
  • Allow themes to be not used in reports with no report definitions like Cover Page and Contract
  • Taxes should default to null for Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order address fields throwing error when transferring to QuickBooks
  • Change wording on "Change Category" error message
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