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July 12th, 2017 Update

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This release has a build number of 6.10.2200.0.


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  • Customer Portal - Portal for your customers to review, approve and e-sign documents for projects. 
  • Allow multiple projects to be checked-in, checked-out, archived, un-archived and deleted
  • Sample database for trial customers
  • Customize Report Themes
  • New Quote Report
  • New reports to display Mobile Install Site Notes in Service Order and Task reports
  • Add license number to company information and display in client reports
  • Simplify the New Project Wizard
  • Improve Finish Wire shape
  • Add Summary of Hours for Selected Items on the Add forms within Tasks
  • Add "Description" field to the Resource Hours export
  • Allow cloned Tasks to be assigned to a new Project
  • Add additional Report Definitions to all the Line Item Detail Reports
  • Add "Show All for Client" buttons for Service Orders and Tasks.
  • Exporting Purchase Order to QuickBooks Online has option for Tax Setting




  • Report designer script page becomes blank when we do Crtl+Z twice after deleting a field in the report.
  • The Project Updated On field should update when the project has changed only
  • Component ID Preview does not display separator between multiple fields 
  • Alignment issues in the Project Summary section of reports with optional items.
  • Remove Project Subtotal info when Parameter "Hide Project Summary Section?" is True
  • Report Groups cannot be Exported unless you have a Custom Report Built as well
  • Proposal Summary report has too much wasted space at the top
  • Blank page generating for Line Item Detail reports run By Location By Category
  • Start/End Date for new QuickBooks Customer:Job does not default to our Start/End Dates for Project
  • Estimate and Purchase order date showing incorrectly in QuickBooks Online. 
  • Don't allow users to set the Project Folder to the root of a drive
  • Not able to create more than 255 addresses for a client. 
  • Persist Active and My View in the Project Explorer.
  • Remove Signature Lines from Line Item Detail With Margin report.
  • Product search fails when numeric fields included in searchable fields.
  • Updated On and updated by catalog fields should not update when we update an item in the project.
  • Rename a Project File or Project Revision with case change should be allowed.
  • Crash occurs when applying custom layout with status field sorted without grouping in purchase orders.
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