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February 14th, 2018 Update

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This release has a build number of 6.11.2417.0.


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  • CRITICAL - Create new project crashes when the client name has a space on the 40th character
  • CRITICAL - Project Editor can increase memory consumption when opened multiple times
  • Project Editor window may not correctly remember window size
  • Category abbreviation can get lost on edit
  • OFE Item price should not be included in totals in export to QuickBooks from Compare Project Editor
  • Share documents on Customer Portal should check Valid Until only for new documents
  • Rounding issue may happen when creating estimates to QuickBooks Online
  • Modified Date field may not display in correct date format on Management and Installation Reports
  • Vendor name can appear more than once when vendor exported to QuickBooks Online
  • Order and Install information on Product Editor information can get lost
  • Currency converter link on report foreign currency does not display correctly
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