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SI 2017 Release Notes

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  • Pre-configured dashboards to view sales pipeline & tracking, product usage & margin analysis, and labor utilization & margin analysis.
  • Custom dashboards - user can create custom dashboards with specific filters
  • Find Product in Projects – Search across projects to find specific products used in projects.
  • New Client Report Themes – All stock client reports have been updated with a new modern look and feel.
  • Add factor to package labor hours.  
  • Labor Cost, Labor Price and Install Price are included catalog product CSV export
  • New fields Cost, Price, Margin, Markup and Tax to projects in Project Explorer
  • Define multiple contract payment schedules in project settings
  • New permission "View My Projects (Resource)" to display projects where signed in user is a resource.
  • Merge primary project contact with project contacts
  • Add a Component ID option - “Always increment Component ID (do not fill missing sequences)”
  • Allow locations to be cloned (duplicated) with a prefix and sequence of numbers
  • New permission "Force Undo Project Check Out"
  • Add a workflow status of Open/Won/Lost to each Project Progress
  • New client report called "Line Item Detail (Install Price)"
  • All Proposal and Line Item Detail reports have the option to display a subtotal of Equipment and Labor
  • Update Brother Wire Label SDK to support latest brother label printers
  • Copy and Paste Line Image shapes in Visio to maintain shape size
  • Replace products outside Visio will update product image on Line Image shapes when Visio opened
  • Smart Title Block in Visio updates when project information is updated
  • AutoCAD command "DTSetDrawingType" to create D-Tools drawing with a page type
  • Add support for dwt files as AutoCAD templates
  • New permission "View Resource Costs"
  • New permissions "View service order costs" and "View service order prices"
  • Mobile Install - Ability to change time of daily email notification
  • Increase Character Limit to 500 on Tasks and Service Order Description
  • Add "Update from Mobile Install" option in Resource Hours View
  • Export purchase order receives as Item Receipts in QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks Estimate when summarized as one product should summarize by location, system or phase
  • SCW give option to backup SI Server for upgrade users
  • Support multiple dictionaries for spell check including English (UK)
  • Set default address type to be Site for new clients
  • Do not display user password when editing a different user profile
  • Increase records size to 500 per page for Project explorer, Task explorer, Service Order explorer and Product explorer
  • Improve Cloud API to include resources and Assigned to (Owner)
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