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Customizing the Contract Report

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In order to customize any report in SI 2018, you must first understand the various "sections" that make up the stock report.



For simplicity, the Contract report is made up of five major parts: Header, “Section 1 Terms”,  Phase Breakdown, Payment Schedule, and “Section 2 Terms”.



The Header section of the Contract report is shown below as it displays when the stock report is generated.




This section displays your Company Information as well as the Client Information for the Project.

"Section 1 Terms"


The default wording for the "Section 1 Terms" are generated via a RichTextBox control on the report. This is the text you will need to change in order to reflect your own "terms and conditions":



Payment Schedule


This section of the report is generated via a subreport named "Contract Payment" and it displays the Payment Terms for a Project.



"Section 2 Terms"


The default wording for the "Section 2 Terms" are generated via a RichTextBox control on the report. This is additional text you will need to change in order to reflect your own "terms and conditions":


section 2 terms.jpg


There are also some signature lines following the "Section 2 Terms".



You are definitely going to want to add your own wording to the two "term sections" of the report. You certainly don't have to use both sections, but this example will.


In order to add your own wording, you will need to create Rich Text Format (.rtf) documents in Wordpad. This is a built-in text editor in Windows.


Note: Do not use Word to create your documents. Active Reports only supports documents created in Wordpad for use in the RichTextBox control. If you already have your terms in Word, copy and paste them into a Notepad document to strip out all formatting, then paste into a Wordpad file and re-format.



In this example, we will replace the text in both the "Section 1 Terms" and "Section 2 Terms".


  1. Open Wordpad. One way to do this is to click Start and type in "Wordpad", without the quotes, in the search box and click [Enter]. When Wordpad opens, create your document to replace the text in "Section 1 Terms" and save the file.




  1. Save the file and repeat for your "Section 2 Terms".
  2. Open the Standard Report Designer. Click Start->Reports->Standard Report Designer:


standard report designer.png


  1. Click the [New] button:


new button.png


  1. The New Report Wizard will open. Click [Next]:




  1. Select the Contract report and click [Next]:




  1. Give your report a clever name:


name field.png


  1.  Click [Next] through all of the steps. When done click the [Finish] button. The Report will open for edit.
  2. Select the first RichTextBox control and then right-click and select Load file. Browse to your RTF doc you created in Step 1. Note: You can scroll through the text within the RichTextBox by double-clicking the box.


load file for first section.png


  1. Select the second RichTextBox control and then right-click and select Load file. Browse to your RTF doc you created in Step 2.


load file for second section.png



  1. Publish your report and then run it against a Project to review.


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