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Layouts Tab

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The Layouts Tab within the Project Editor is where you can choose what columns display and how the items are grouped:


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You can change what fields display in the grid via the Layouts tab. There are some preset layouts buttons and you can create your own Custom Layouts.




Each layout has specific columns. Although you can resize and move columns, your changes will not be saved for next use. Custom Layouts are the only way to get the exact look you want each time you open the Project Editor.


There is an [Auto-Fit All Columns] button that you can click at any time to adjust the width of all columns.


autofit all columns.png



Also on this tab is a section of Options in the ribbon:


options sec.png


By default, the "Group By:" field is set to "None" so the grid within the Project Editor looks similar to this:


no grouping.png


In this example, I chose to group by Location, and now the grid looks like this:


grouped by location.png


As you can see, you can collapse/expand your groupings. This can be done individually or you can right-click to Expand/Collapse All:


expand collapse all.png\



When searching or filtering in the Project Editor, the search function will not display Accessories or Alternate items if the Accessories/Alternates don't match the search/filter criteria. Checking this option will list all of the parent item's Accessories/Alternates whether or not they meet the search/filter criteria.


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