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New in SI 2018


Note: Up until SI 2018, Revisions were used to create Change Orders. In SI 2018 we introduced a new method for creating Change Orders. All documentation for Revisions has been re-written for the new intended functionality. If you would like to continue to use Revisions to produce Change Orders, here is a link to the SI 2017 documentation for your reference.



In SI 2018:


Revisions - used to track changes while still in the bidding process

Change Orders - used to track changes a Project once it has been approved


Revisions are a way for you to track changes that are requested to your original proposal to a client while still in the bidding process. For example you may propose one solution to a client and they review it and want to upgrade some of the equipment or they now require additional solutions. You can create a Revision which is a copy of the Project at "that state in time". You then make the requested changes to the Project and re-present to your client.


Revisions can also be compared against each other to view the changes that took place between them.


Revisions are managed in the Project Explorer interface via the Revisions tab at the bottom of the interface. 


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Every Project starts at Revision 0, and then counts up from there as Revisions are created:


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