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Managing Purchase Orders



You can manage Purchase Orders via the Purchase Order Explorer:


start menu.png


Viewing Purchase Orders


By default, all Purchase Orders will display in the Purchase Order Explorer:


po exp interface.jpg


You can filter your Purchase Orders via the Quick Filter button:




You can filter via the column filters:




You can also filter by Vendor and/or date range in the tree on the left side of the Purchase Order Explorer:


tree filters.png



You can also export your Purchase Orders list to Excel or to PDF:



Editing Purchase Orders


To edit a Purchase Order, you can double-click in the Purchase Order Explorer grid or you can select the Purchase Order and click the [Edit] button:


edit button.png


You can edit whatever fields needed.

Tracking Number


If all of the items on the Purchase Order have the same tracking number you can enter it on the General tab and then click the "Assign to all products" link:


tracking number.jpg


If you would like to add different tracking numbers to some/all of the items on a Purchase Order, click the Items tab, select the items, and then Update Items button:


update items button.jpg


This opens a dialog where you can add a tracking number to the selected items:


update items tracking.jpg

Vendor Reference Number


If you receive a reference number from the Vendor, e.g. their internal Purchase Order Number, you can enter it on the General tab:


vendor reference number.jpg


If you are using the Vendor Portal and the Vendor enters a Vendor Reference Number in the Vendor Portal, this field will synchronize down automatically.

Mass Update


You can also select multiple Purchase Orders in the Purchase Order Explorer (use Ctrl and/or Shift on your keyboard) and use the [Mass Update] button to edit multiple Purchase Orders at one time:


mass update button.png


Below are the fields available for Mass Update:


mass update purchase orders form.png



You can send a pdf of a Purchase Order report via the Tools tab, Outlook button.




You can also right-click a Purchase Order for this feature.


right click.jpg


This opens a dialog where you can choose which report(s) to attach to your email.


outlook po.jpg

Lock/Unlock Purchase Orders


On the Tools tab you can lock/unlock Purchase Orders and Purchase Order reports:


lock unlock.jpg


When a Purchase Order is locked it can not be edited and when a Purchase Order's reports are locked no reports can be generated for the Purchase Order. Locking can be done manually or it can be done via Workflow Rules.


When a Purchase Order or its reports are locked you will see the lock icon next to the Purchase Order in the Purchase Order Explorer:


lock icons exp.jpg


A user must have permission to lock/unlock Purchase Orders or Purchase Order reports.

Item Receipts


You can mark items on Purchase Orders as "Received" by selecting the Purchase Order in the grid and clicking the [Item Receipt] button:


item receipt button.png


Or by selecting the Purchase Order and clicking the New button in the Item Receipts section at the bottom of the Purchase Order Explorer:


new item receipt button.jpg


This will open the New Item Receipt dialog:

item receipt dialog.jpg


Enter the quantity for each Product that you are receiving in the "Receiving Now" field. Use your [Tab] key to quickly go down the list of items.


If you are receiving the full quantity for some/all of the Products you can use the Receive All/Selected buttons:


receive all.jpg


If you would like to enter/scan in Serial Numbers or MAC Addresses, select a product once you have entered a value in the "Receiving Now" field and click the "Edit Serial Numbers and MAC Addresses" button.


edit serial numbers.jpg


Or you can right-click:


right click.jpg


This will open the following dialog where you can scan to or manually enter values in these fields. The number of rows will correspond to the number of items you are receiving. Use your [Tab] key to move to the next cell.


serial numbers.jpg


If you are not entering some of the fields you can click the "Disable" checkbox above the column:




When done editing the Item Receipt you can [Save and Close] or you can run a report for this Item Receipt:


save and close.jpg


If you did not receive all of the items, the Purchase Order's Status will automatically be set to "Partially Received":


partially received.jpg


As more of the items are received, you can either edit the existing Item Receipts or you can create a new Item Receipt. Once every item on the Purchase Order is received the Purchase Order's Status will change to "Received":




Project Fields


The next time you open a Project where Purchase Orders have Item Receipts associated with them you will be prompted whether or not you want to update the Order fields:


update po fields prompt.jpg


Clicking [Yes] will open the following form. Any items on an Item Receipt can be expanded to view the details.


update po fields 1.jpg


All items are selected for update by default but you can pick and choose if you only want to update some of the items. All items are marked to "Auto Assign Serial Numbers and MAC Addresses" as well. This means that SI will randomly assign the Serial Numbers and MAC Addresses to the products in the project. If you want to manually choose which items you wish to assign these fields to, uncheck this option and click the "Assign Serial Numbers and MAC Addresses" button:


assign serial numbers.jpg


This will open the following form where you can use the arrow buttons to assign these fields to specific products:


manually assign serial.jpg


When ready, click the Next button. Here you can choose which fields you wish to update:


update po fields 2.jpg

Create QuickBooks Item Receipt


If you use the SI QuickBooks functionality for Purchase Orders, you have the option to create QuickBooks Item Receipts directly from the Receives section fo the Purchase Order Explorer:


create quickbooks receipt.png


You will get a confirmation:


send item receipt confirmation.png


A checkmark will display next to the Receive:



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