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New Button



  1. In the Vendor Explorer, click the [New] button:




  1. The New Vendor form will open. On the General tab, type in any relevant information:


vendor general.jpg


  1. On the Addresses tab, click the New button enter any relevant addresses for the Vendor:


vendor address.jpg




  1. On the Contacts tab, enter any Contacts you want to be associated with the Vendor. You can choose to new Contact "from Scratch", add an existing Contact, or import Contacts from Outlook.


New Vendor Contact.png

Set as Primary


Once you've added a Contact or multiple Contacts, you can set one as the Primary Contact.


Primary Vendor Contact.png



Here you can added any notes if desired:


vendor notes.jpg


  1. When finished, click the [Save and Close] button.


Save and Close Vendor.png

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